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In 1968 the Marquis Paolo Misciattelli Mocenigo Soranzo writes:
“The cellars of the Castle of Montegiove are not a large scale industrial plant, but those of a large farm where the owners for generations have adopted progressive farming practices and perfected their wines and vineyards.”

The estate comprises a multitude of different soil types, and thus allows the different grape varieties to be planted only at the most suitable sites with respect to soil type, microclimate and sun exposure. The red wine is generated uniquely by grapes produced on the estate of Montegiove, exclusively from selected grape clusters, handpicked at perfect ripeness and meticulously vinified in the castle cellars that date back to the XVI century and have been recently renovated.
Large parts of the vineyards of the estate have been replanted. The number of fields allocated to viticulture has been reduced in comparison to the seventies, to allow the estate to concentrate on the production of red grapes of high quality. The vineyards include typical Umbrian and Tuscan varieties: Sangiovese using the classic clones of Brunello and Prugnolo gentile known from the famous wine districts of Montalcino and Montepulciano. The other varieties are: Sagrantino (indigenous Umbrian variety), Canaiolo Nero, a French selection of high quality producing clones of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The estate still has vineyards planted in the late sixties which include: Montepulciano (locally known as Morellone), Barbera and Sangiovese (locally known as Sangioghetto). In an ongoing project, historic vines of the estate are selected and propagated. The plantation of vineyards for conservation of genetic resources and for future grape production has begun in spring 2013.

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