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Montegiove is a lovely and peaceful medieval village with less than 100 inhabitants, a charming wine-bar, a restaurant and a recently restored picturesque church. The countryside surrounding Montegiove is fields and naturally grown forests with carefully marked trekking footpaths of various lengths. Due to it’s position it is an ideal base for exploring the historical treasures of Umbria and Tuscany, especially the countryside of the historical provinces of Orvieto, Assisi, Todi, Spoleto, Perugia and Siena. In the vicinity of Montegiove is the notorious “La Scarzuola”, a XIII cetury monastery and church founded by St. Francis of Assisi with a splendid garden and the so-called Cittą Buzziana. The Scarzuola has always had special ties to the castle of Montegiove. In the aisles of the church and next to to the entrance are the coats of arms of the present and the previous owners of the castle, many of these being buried here.

TOWNS in Umbria & Tuscany:

Places of interest in Umbria:

Cittą della Pieve 20 km

Orvieto 47 km

Assisi 76 km

Perugia 49 km

Trasimeno Lake 42 km 

Todi 51km

Gubbio 97 km

Montefalco 62 km

Spoleto 92 km

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Places of interest in Tuscany:

San Casciano dei Bagni 35 km

Cetona 32 km

Cortona 83 km

Siena 114 km

Arezzo 95 km

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PIEGARO Glass Museum

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CAVES OF BELVERDE Belverde is an archeological and nature park and the most important site of prehistoric settlements in the area of Mount Cetona park. It hosts 25 prehistoric and Bronze Age caves, such as the San Francesco cave. There are several sites of Etruscan finds.

MUSEUM  CETONA (0578 237632) The museum illustrates the area's human occupation from the Middle Palaeolithic to the end of the Bronze Age. Most of the archeological material exhibited was found in the Belverde area.It is thoroughly explained, and supplemented with illustrations, dioramas and models. 

ETRUSCAN MUSEUM CHIUSI (0578 20177) Very important Etruscan artifacts are displayed here: from the ceramic blackware called bucchero to sculptures such as sphynxes and tomb -markers, from carved sarcophagi to funerary urns in stone and ceramic. The museum organizes tours of the Ancient tombs.